Dave Grohl Releases Mini Documentary 'PLAY' Featuring 23-Minute Long Instrumental


On Thursday (Aug 9), Dave Grohl Foo Fighters released “PLAY," a two-part mini documentary series he directed about the joy music and the importance overcoming the challenges that a musician may face. He tells this story through the lens his own experience recording a 23-minute long live instrumental track, also called “PLAY,” in which he plays all seven instruments himself.

The first part the film is narrated by Grohl, alternating between footage children taking classes at the Join The Band music lesson studio and himself recording and re-recording each instrumental on the track. The focus the black-and-white clip is devotion, as both Grohl and the music students gush about their need to practice and their love playing.

This segues into the second part the film, which shows seven Grohls walking into the studio, each wearing a different outfit and sitting at a different instrument. The interactive video-watching experience allows viewers to toggle between the isolated tracks each instrument and the complete mastered audio. Grohl has also provided downloadable sheet music.

At the bottom the webpage, there is a list organizations that support music organization with the option to submit one’s own organization to the list.

Watch the video below, or head over to the ficial "PLAY" website for the full interactive experience.