Dave East Unleashes Two-Track ‘Survival Pacc’ Featuring Gunna and Max B: Listen


Even though he's settled in as a grizzled veteran in hip-hop, Dave East is set to release what's being billed as his major label debut album later in 2019. The Harlem native kicked off the rollout to his project last Friday (Aug. 2) by supplying listeners with the Survival Pacc EP, which contained a pair of tracks featuring Gunna and Max B. 

"Everyday" finds East kicking trap knowledge sliced between Gunna's intoxicating chorus over upbeat Street Symphony production. The second tune takes on a much slower pace, as Dave connects with the incarcerated Max B on "Wanna Be A G" to narrate the treacherous life story of a gangster.

"He ain't seen his pops, him and his momma hardly speak/ The shit that he be goin' through, you'll probably never see (Oh)/ Shorty caught up in the streets (Caught up)/ Shorty wanna be a G/ He built for the hood, when it get dark he still could see/ He tatted his homies on him 'cause most of them deceased/ Pourin' out liquor for niggas he'll never see," East rhymes on the opening verse.

Listen to the Survival Pacc below.