Dave East "Survival" Debuts Just Shy Of Top 10 On Billboard 200


Upon first glance, it appeared as though Dave East‘s debut studio album Survival was not performing that strongly on the charts in its first week out. Despite being a solid display of what East can consistently bring on the microphone, the rapper was being critiqued left and right after several sources claimed the project would generate less than three-thousand total units moved in its debut week. It turns out that, unlike the projections initially stated, the New York recording artist actually came through with some solid numbers that landed him a spot just outside the Top 10 on the Billboard 200.

It was being reported that Survival would be left off the Billboard 200 entirely with under 3,000 units moved but it now turns out that that was misinformation at its highest form. Not only is East popping up just outside of the prestigious Top 10, he’s doing so with a pretty impressive debut. According to the rapper’s representatives, he actually managed to distribute 24K equal copies of the body of work, which is a much better number than initially proposed. The New Yorker’s appeal can be compared to that of a Nipsey Hussle, where the general public may not catch on to his prowess right away but deep down, we all know that Dave can spit with the best of them.

Is Survival one of your albums of the year?