Dave East Reveals Erectile Dysfunction Made Him Quit Xanax


Xanax was huge in the hip-hop community a few years ago, but thankfully, it’s died down a bit. Rappers were openly talking about the drug and using the drug but what they failed to mention most times was the behavioral change and the way it affects someone’s health. Dave East admittedly took Xanax for a while but an embarrassing moment with a young lady is why he decided to call it quits.

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Dave East recently spoke to DJ Hed and Bootleg Kev on Real 92.3 where he shared a hilarious story about one of the last times he popped Xanax. The rapper revealed that the reason why he decided to quit is because of this one time where he “couldn’t get up.” He explained that he was off of a pill and was with a bad joint but after a while, he realized he wasn’t able to get it up. Unfortunately, it had to happen on two separate occasions for Dave East to finally clue in that the Xans prevented him from having sex properly.

“I told her what it was, like, ‘yo, I took this pill. This ain’t me,'” he recalled after DJ Hed asked the rapper what his explanation was to the girl.

Elsewhere in the interview, Dave East discusses his role as Method Man and working on new music with The Game.

Peep the full interview below.