Dave East Recalls When Tekashi 6ix9ine Was A Quiet Cameraman


Big Boy has been steadily proving himself to be the best hip-hop interviewer in the game, never failing to get his guests laughing, dropping gems, and generally making great conversation. Dave East, fresh off the release of his brand new album Survival, proved to be no exception. Covering a wide range of topics, one of the more insightful moments occurred around the fifty-two-minute mark, when the inevitable topic of Tekashi 6ix9ine was raised. 

East explains that he sensed something being afoot from the jump, making it clear he called 6ix9ine’s nature on day one. “I met him though,” claims East. “He was with one of my homies. We was in the studio. He didn’t have no tattoos, no rainbow hair. He had a regular haircut. He sat in the corner. He was a cameraman, he used to do videos. That’s a fact. He said wassup, he smoked, drank, real L7. Next time I seen him, he was the biggest blood I ever seen. The biggest blood on Earth.” In fact, the transformation was so extreme that East didn’t even make the connection – at least not at first. 

“I knew a lot of people in the video with him,” continues Dave. “They official. That’s what threw me off! I was like why they with him? I know how they give it up. It’s the money man, money’s crazy. Money and fame make people do things they wouldn’t normally do. If it ever went bad he was telling, for sure. He ain’t from it, he didn’t sign up for that. That’s what you gotta understand. If it’s somebody that come from that and know the rules…I always explain this to people. We from the hood call people snitches. Nowhere else do they care!” 

For more from Dave East, be sure to check out the full interview below.