Dave East Hilariously Dodges Questions About Blac Chyna


Blac Chyna’s had ties with a lot rapper’s in the past. Obviously, she and Tyga have a child together but she’s been spotted with many more. Recently, she was confirmed to be dating YBN Almighty Jay and the two them have been looking quite happy together. There are other rappers in the game who’ve been tied to her in past. One rapper who was rumored to be connected to her is Dave East. He recently joined the podcast “Easily Offended” where he neither confirmed nor denied relations with Chyna.

Dave East recently chopped it up with Murda Mook, Movie Matt and ITSBIZKIT on the “Easily Offended” podcast. The podcast touched on a lot topics including his music and basketball career. However, they later touched on Blac Chyna’s sex tape. East previously posted a video Instagram with Chyna claiming that she’s his “new artist” after she announced she was going to be rapping. During the interview, he said that she was the homie. However, Mook asked East about his experience with Chyna but Dave hilariously dodged the question. 

While he wasn’t answering any questions about whether he smashed Blac Chyna, he did chime in on the situation as a whole. 

“With that, it was a wack video. I just think it be like, you gotta watch what you doin’ with certain people.” He said, “I feel like whoever put that out wanted some fame f that.”

You could watch the full interview below with the Blac Chyna starting around 1:09:30 mark.