Daughtry's Video for 'Backbone' Is a Fly-on-the-Wall View of a Swaggering Tune's Making: Premiere


Daughtry’s “Backbone” is an ode to toughening up and getting on the saddle despite life’s complications, and doing so with a devilish smile. Now, the rockers have shared a video for their first new track since their 2016 greatest hits compilation It’s Not Over….The Hits So Far.

The tough-as-nails tune, which was co-written by frontman Chris Daughtry and outside songwriters Marti Frederiksen and Scott Stevens, is remarkably well-represented by its accompanying clip, which shows the group in the quiet moments recording: laying down takes, tuning up and shooting the breeze. The casual atmosphere belies “Backbone”’s won’t-back-down message resilience: “We all fall on hard times, you know / Each day is a high climb, you know / Some days your body has to carry on.”

Says Chris Daughtry on the intimate, studio-shot clip, “We had so much fun recording this song in the studio. Rather than just tell you, I thought it best to show you.” You can watch it below and check out Daughtry’s website here.