Danny Matos – Strobe Lights


Rising New York artist Danny Matos’s new single, “Strobe Lights,” is a musically rich, bouncy romp that remains grounded by his impassioned vocals and empathetic approach to lyricism.


“Strobe Lights” is an effervescent take on Hip-Hop anchored not only by Matos’s unique vocals and verses, but also the production talents of his go-to producer, Rusty Mack. A multi-instrumentalist who brings a live-band sound to his work, Mack fleshes out the sound of this track with a lively musicality.


The song’s bounce makes for an upbeat introduction to Matos’s new album, Caged Are The Songs That Set Me Free, which is produced entirely by Mack. And yet, despite its upbeat instrumental, there’s a heavy weight to the New York rapper/singer’s rhymes that he says represent a frustrated rally cry against music that “only pertains to flashiness and ego.”


“There are a lot of people trapped by this pseudo-positive culture that urges us to ‘just be positive’ as if it were a choice,” Matos explains. “There are a lot of people who just want to connect with other people, who are tired of the way life is depicted, and who don’t just want to be called ‘negative’ for being real.”


For Matos, “Strobe Lights” represents the reality of our society, and he does it in a way that’s not contrived nor forced. It’s also just the beginning of what fans can expect to hear from him in the next month, as he gets set for the release of, CATS.


“Strobe Lights” is available now for stream and download, and can be purchased on iTunes’ pre-order for Caged Are The Songs That Set Me Free, due out on April 25 through all major DSPs. Follow @eldorado2452 on Twitter and Instagram for all your music and entertainment news.