Danny Green Says Kyle Lowry’s Grandmother Died During The NBA Finals


Kyle Lowry has been the key to the Toronto Raptors success for the better part of the decade and this season, he was finally able to win the city its first NBA Championship with the help of Kawhi Leonard. In the Championship-clinching game, Lowry scored 26 points and 10 assists which helped propel the team to victory. While the NBA Finals were a time to celebrate, it was also a time to mourn as Danny Green revealed to Yahoo! Sports that Lowry’s grandmother had passed away during the series.

“The crazy thing is–nobody knew this–he kind of did it, he kept it under wraps and nobody knew but I think his grandmother had passed,” Green said. “I meant to send him a text to send him my condolences. Nobody knew about it and he continued to play, and play really well with that probably on his mind, on his back, or whatever. He came out aggressive in the way we needed him to.” 

Lowry had some big ups and downs throughout the Finals, including a missed potential game-winning shot in Game 5 which was ultimately tipped by Draymond Green. Even though Leonard ended up winning Finals MVP, Raptors fans can all agree that Lowry was one of the best players on the team in the playoffs.

Playing with a heavy heart can’t be easy, so much respect to Lowry for his achievements during such a tough time.