Danny Brown Vows To Tell His Side Of Dave Chappelle’s ‘Skit’ From Big Sean’s ‘Detroit 2’


Danny Brown says the iconic story of getting Dave Chappelle high before he fumbled his comeback set in Detroit isn’t actually the way it went down.

In an interview with HotNewHipHop on Tuesday (December 28), Brown spoke at length about his impact on hip hop and how he’s been dabbling more in comedy and acting rather than rap. He recently came out to show support for Freddie Gibbs during one of his comedy shows in Austin and even opened up for Hannibal Buress with a stand-up set of his own.

“The shit is hard,” Brown said. “I would say it’s 100x harder than doing rap. I’m just a student of a game, I would say right now. I’m very lucky and honored to be hanging around them motherfuckers and being able to soak up game for the last few years. I’ll hit my stride with it soon.”

The conversation naturally pivoted from there to Dave Chappelle, who famously claimed Brown once got him so stoned he fumbled his comeback set in Detroit and was booed offstage. Chappelle told a detailed version of the story for a skit on Big Sean’s Detroit 2, but the “Really Doe” rapper said he wasn’t a fan of the story because it’s not the way it happened.

“It was funny, but I ain’t like that shit, man, because that ain’t the true story,” he said. “I’ll tell my side in my stand-up set.”

The 40-year-old rapper also spoke about the Bruiser Brigade, his Detroit squadron aiming to represent what he called the “blue-collar working folks” of rap.

“We represent the kids of the GM’s and the Ford parents. That generation is kind of gone. So, it’s just the hardworking, blue-collar, regular man. We ain’t trying to be the extra gangsters. We ain’t trying to be the extra dope boys, flashy and all that.

“We come from Chrysler. We work at the plant, but we just happen to rap. That old Motown-style of doing s**t and the way they make records. We come from that.”

Big Sean’s Detroit 2 featured Eminem, Lil Wayne, Post Malone, Travis Scott, Wale, Jhene Aiko, Young Thug and Nipsey Hussle, and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 back in 2020.

Revisit Dave Chappelle’s story below.