Daniel Caesar Talks Chappelle Comments, Taking a Joke in Live Stream


Daniel Caesar took to Instagram Live Tuesday (March 19), with more than a few controversial things to get off his chest during a late-night meal. 

The R&B singer admitted to being "drunk as fuck" multiple times throughout the stream, while going on to question how black people handle criticism from someone outside their community. "Why are we being so mean to white people right now? That's a serious question. Why is it that we're allowed to be disrespectful and rude to everybody else and when anybody returns any type of energy to us," he said. "That's not equality. I don't wanna be treated like I can't take a joke."

Caesar then referenced initially taking offense to Dave Chappelle calling him "very gay" on John Mayer's Current Mood Instagram show, but said he wants to be able to take a joke. "I just went through that fucking Chappelle shit and I had to in the moment acknowledge that I was being fucking sensitive and that I need to be able to take a joke just like everybody else," the Freudian crooner said. "That's what it is. People are allowed to say whatever the fuck they want."

The 23-year-old also brought the conversation back to the longstanding feud between brand influencer YesJulz, Scottie Beam, Karen Civil, and Joe Budden, which was reignited thanks to comments from Julz on the Easily Offended podcast earlier in March. "Why are we being so mean to Julz?" Caesar asked. "The Joe [Budden] shit — I was mad. Say what you want, bro! We all be projecting all the time. I think Joe was projecting as well."

Watch a portion of the viral Instagram live below. 

Billboard has reached out to Caesar's team for comment.