Dan Reynolds' LoveLoud Festival Reaches $1 Million Goal for LGBTQ Charities


When Dan Reynolds set out to promote this year’s LoveLoud music festival, he had an ambitious goal in mind. The Imagine Dragons frontman, who teamed up with Tegan and Sara’s Tegan Quin to make this year’s festival a reality, wanted to raise $1 million to donate to LGBTQ-centric charities like The Trevor Project, Encircle and The Tegan and Sara Foundation.

With the festival concluded, it’s ficial that LoveLoud has met its goal. The sold-out, day-long festival, which took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Saturday, raised $1 million from ticket sales and donations for LGBTQ charities from around the country.

While most the $1 million came directly from ticket sales to the event, a considerable online campaign helped contribute a significant chunk the needed funds. AT&T, the event’s primary sponsor, pledged to donate $1 for every use the hashtag #LoveLoud on Twitter and followed through on that promise with a nearly $50,000 donation.

In a recent interview with Billboard before the festival, Reynolds said that while he recognized $1 million as a difficult goal, he was confident in the festival and its participants to deliver on his promise. “I think that we went into this shooting for the stars, and that's been kind what LoveLoud has been about from the very beginning — doing something that is maybe a little overly ambitious, but somehow we pull it f,” he said.

The festival saw performances from A-list acts, including Reynolds' own Imagine Dragons, Zedd, Mike Shinoda Linkin Park and many more, along with guest speakers Cameron Esposito, songwriters Justin Tranter, VINCINT and Parson James, and even Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Watch the full live stream from this year’s LoveLoud Festival powered by AT&T below:

Dan Reynolds' LoveLoud Festival Reaches $1 Million Goal for LGBTQ Charities