Dan Harmon Gifts Kanye West A "Rick And Morty" Episode


Should Rick And Morty’s rules apply to our own planetary plane, Kanye West already exists in many alternate worlds. Therefore, it stands to reason that in one of them, Yeezy has already lent his talents to an episode, perhaps even several, of Rick And Morty. Now, it would appear that such a reality will become our own, as series creator Dan Harmon has officially gifted Ye with a blessed privilege. Following news that Rick and Morty’s adventures would resume in November 2019, commencing a staggering seventy-episode run (divided across several seasons of course), Dan Harmon revealed intentions to gift longtime fan Kanye West his own episode.

Speaking with The Blast, Harmon opened the door for Yeezy to roll through in a major way. “I’m giving him an episode,” Harmon said. “I’m making it official. We have 70, he can have one. Kanye, you can have one . . . It’s official. That would be fucking amazing.” Roiland echoed the praise, citing Yeezy as a creative genius. “Ye is a fucking kindred spirit, genius, visionary,” he praises, before extending the same invite to actor Daniel Radcliffe, another longtime fan of the series. “You should be doing voices on our show,” says Roiland. “You’re a good actor man. You should just come in the writer’s room for a couple of days, hang out, come up with a character you can do.” 

You excited for that new season of Rick And Morty?