Damian Lillard’s College Coach Says He Predicted Iconic Game-Winner


Damian Lillard was the talk of the NBA on Tuesday night when he hit a 37-foot shot at the buzzer against the Oklahoma City Thunder to knock them out of the playoffs. The Trail Blazers were dominant in the series thanks to Lillard, who scored 50 points in the deciding game 5. Lillard has been receiving a ton of praise with some pundits even making the claim that he might be the best point guard in the league. One of the people who always knew Lillard is an elite player was his college coach from Weber State, Randy Rahe. 

Rahe spoke to TMZ today about Lillard’s game-winning shot and even went so far as to say that he predicted what was going to happen before he went for the basket.

“As he’s coming down and sizing up George, my wife says, ‘He needs to drive it!'” Rahe explained. “And I said, ‘Nope. He ain’t doing that. He’s going to let one go.’ When it went in, it was absolutely the most fitting ending for a performance like that that you could possibly have.”

Rahe got to coach Lillard between 2008 and 2012 and explained that he always knew the point guard would be great, although he was still surprised by his 50-point performance.