Dame Dash’s Exes Want A Piece Of His Lee Daniels Settlement Money: Report


The money issues between Dame Dash and Lee Daniels was thought to be over and done with, but according to reports, things aren’t always as they seem. Last November, Dash and the Empire producer reached a settlement over their multi-million dispute. Early on in Daniels’ career, Dash invested $2 million into a Richard Pryor biopic project, but Daniels would later bail on film. Dash was supposed to receive credit as an executive producer, but because the project was no more, Daniels didn’t fulfill his end of the bargain.

Dash filed a $5 million lawsuit against Daniels, but thankfully the two were able to come to an agreement before they went to court. “I’m good. Just happy 2 people from the culture could work things out,” Dash said at the time. However, The Blast now reports that Daniels has recently filed court documents of his claiming Dash’s exes are coming after him.

Dame Dash's Exes Want A Piece Of His Lee Daniels Settlement Money: Report
Rob Loud/Getty Images

As we’ve previously reported, Dash and his exes Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales are in a dispute regarding unpaid child support. In documents obtained by The Blast, Daniels states that he’s received subpoenas from both women who are attempting to lay claim to the settlement money he owes Dash. They want to know the exact amount Daniels and Dash’s settlement, and instead of dealing with the women and their lawyers directly, Daniels just wants a court to figure it out.

While Dash has spoken openly with TMZ claiming that he was unaware that he owed anything to either one of his children’s mothers, earlier this year he turned himself in after a warrant for his arrest was issued. The Blast reports that Roy is seeking $850,000 which includes money from this divorce settlement. Morales, however, claims that she’s owed $65,000 in back child support.