Dame Dash On Aaliyah's Relationship With R. Kelly: "I Had To Look The Other Way"


Dream Hampton’s docuseries on R. Kelly has acquired numerous consideration over the previous few days. Surviving R. Kelly even sparked a felony investigation the singer. Several victims spoke out in opposition to their experiences with R. Kelly, however the producer admitted a number of of the singer’s former collaborators did not need to communicate on digital camera together with Jay-Z. Dame Dash, then again, hasn’t been as silent. The music mogul revealed why he, and plenty of others within the music business, stored silent throughout R. Kelly’s relationship with an underage Aaliyah.

Dame Dash On Aaliyah's Relationship With R. Kelly: "I Had To Look The Other Way"
Brenda Chase/Online USA

Nick Cannon not too long ago shared a clip from his #CannonsClass podcast with Dame Dash. Cannon started to inquire about Dame Dash and Roc-A-Fella’s relationship with R. Kelly again within the day. Jay-Z and R. Kelly collaborated on two joint albums and went on a subsequent co-headlining tour collectively to help their 2004 collab album. Dash recalled a dialog he had with Aaliyah the place he inquired about her relationship with R. Kelly to which she instructed him to “go away it alone.”

“I keep in mind having a dialog with Aaliyah and I used to be like, ‘Yo, inform me what occurred.’ And she simply could not and I simply left it at that. And she mentioned, ‘go away it alone,'” he mentioned. “So, what you suppose I felt? I am human, bro. But I needed to look the opposite manner. All these years. So publicly, that man did a report — that n***a performed raped my lady, that he favored as nicely, proper? You perceive what I am saying? But, nobody mentioned nothing.”

The full episode is ready to drop quickly. Keep your eyes peeled for that.