Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter Wrote a New Song for Gaspar Noé's New Movie: Listen


You're not lucky enough to get a new Daft Punk song, but you should be at least half as excited as you would be for that: The iconic electronic duo's Thomas Bangalter (the one with the horizontal screen) has recorded a new jam. It's an ultra-funky slice disco heaven set to soundtrack a special level cinematic hell.

“Sangria” is all arpeggiated synth and grooveable bass. It's delightfully danceable, which makes it the perfect counterweight to director Gaspar Noé's latest psychological thriller.

If you're a big fan French cinema or Daft Punk or twisted things, you're probably familiar with Noé's absolutely beautiful and insane works Irréversible and Enter the Void, which challenge the viewer in ways most directors can only imagine. Bangalter also soundtracked those two films.

CLIMAX is the title this next mind-altering film, and the trailer, which features a clip  Bangalter's “Sangria,” seems to be everything we've come to expect from this pair. The film made its debut at Cannes Film Festival Sunday, May 13, and it has been acquired by US film distributor A24. Check out the harrowing trailer and the funkadelic “Sangria” below.