Daddy Yankee Victim of Robbery in Spain


Daddy Yankee has been a victim theft during his Spanish tour, a rep for the singer-songwriter confirms in a statement to Billboard.

According to local press reports, the singer was reportedly keeping an assortment jewels and diamonds in a safe in the room that he was staying in Valencia, Spain. A person allegedly posed as Daddy Yankee and asked a hotel employee to open the safe before leaving with the belongings. The jewels and diamonds were reportedly valued at more than 2.3 million dollars.

Daddy Yankee’s press representative sent the following statement to Billboard:

"Daddy Yankee’s press fice confirms that the artist has been a victim theft while he was away from his hotel in Valencia, Spain. A law firm has already been hired and no further statements will be made so as not to hinder in any way the investigation the Spanish State Security and Forces Corps.”

Daddy Yankee will continue with his Dura tour tonight in Martigues, France.