Dad 3D-Prints His Son A Lamborghini Aventador


Everyone wants to drive a Lamborghini, but not everyone’s dad is able to build them one. Sterling Backus has been blowing up on the internet this week after 3D-printing a drivable replica Lamborghini Aventador. Autoblog says Backus built the car after his son mentioned wishing to drive one while playing Forza on his Xbox. 

Backus is the chief scientific officer at KMLabs in Boulder, Colorado and spent $20,000 to build the car. He hand-built a steel chassis and took a LS1 V8 from a Corvette to give the ride power. He was able to get the panel layout form GrabCAD, an online design community.

The biggest obstacle Backus had to overcome was an issue where the car would melt in the sun. The 3D-printed plastic simply wasn’t strong enough. To fix this, he wrapped carbon-fiber on the parts and covered them in epoxy. 

All-together, it must have taken a remarkable amount of time to get to where the project is today. Apparently, the front brake air intake itself took 52 hours to finish. Backus says he hopes the car serves as an educational tool for Science Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) programs. You can check out the official FaceBook page for the car here.