DaBaby’s Show Shut Down After His Security Knocks Female Fan Out


It seems like every other week there’s a new story about DaBaby or his entourage getting into an altercation. Soon, venues are going to start charging for heightened security or expensive insurance policies just to have DaBaby around. As reported by TMZDaBaby’s live set on Saturday night (September 28) was shut down after the rapper’s security knocked a female fan out cold. As seen in the footage below, DaBaby hops into the crowd to perform, as he often does. The fans in the crowd were hype to see him amongst them, and females began to swarm him and attempt to get a picture. 

DaBaby pushes off one lady promptly as she tries to get a selfie next to the rapper while he does his thing. DaBaby proceeds into the crowd further at this point, then a female fan runs up to him and tries to take more pictures with him. That’s when DaBaby’s security unloads a few heavy haymakers on the fan. The security guard looks like he could lift a horse, while the female fan looks like she may struggle to lift a 20lb weight. The punches knocked the female out cold. TMZ reports that her friends were able to get her up and out of the venue, and no police were called. Check out the footage below.