DaBaby Sues Promoter & Claims He Didn’t Perform Over Lack Of Security


If there’s one person who truly won 2018, it’s DaBaby. He’s been having one hell of a run this year with the release of Baby On Baby and his recently dubbed number one album, KIRK. However, his rise to success, especially in the early part of the year due to one or two scuffles at venues. DaBaby was hit with a lawsuit after a fight broke out in front of a venue he was supposed to perform at but he never made it to the stage. According to TMZ, he countersued the promoters on claims that they didn’t provide proper security.

Nothing To Something Entertainment are now facing allegations of breaching their contract with DaBaby. Following the rapper bailing on a show in Lawrence, MA, the company claimed that he pocketed the advance without paying. However, DaBaby said that the venue promised he’d have two security guards at the club but never followed through with the contractual obligation. DaBaby said the fact that he didn’t have security was why he didn’t perform. 

What’s a bit peculiar about the case is that DaBaby security was caught beating the hell out of a rapper named Don Trag the night of the show in a viral video. Trag has since sued DaBaby but in DaBaby’s suit, he claims his contract with the company requires them to cover the damages.