DaBaby Performs In Packed Crowd On His Security Guard’s Shoulders: Watch


DaBaby‘s KIRK tour kicks off next month which means fans are in store for some wild moments as the “Pop Star” rapper hits the road to visit his adoring fans in select cities in North America. Before he takes off, the North Carolina bred rapper is still wrapping up some festival performances and one of his recent stops saw him riding on his security guard’s shoulders as he performs in the center of a crowd. 

DaBaby Performs In Packed Crowd On His Security Guard's Shoulders: Watch
Brad Barket/Getty Images

The clip was posted to Kane’s Instagram feed (the huge man that’s always by DaBaby’s side) with a caption that reads: “I hate this n*gga…😑”

A couple of months back, Kane caught some flack for punching a woman who was going crazy in her pursuit to get close to DaBaby. The “VIBEZ” rapper spoke of the ordeal on his visit to The Breakfast Club when he defended his security guard’s job. 

“At the end of the day, what he supposed to do? Let her knock me out?” he asked. “People act like because you successful [or] a celebrity, people can do you any type of way with no consequences. TMZ…..Man, they really let that get in the way of what’s right and wrong at the end of the day. Just treat people the way you want to be treated.”