DaBaby Frustrated That Siri Still Can’t Pronounce His Name: Watch


A few weeks ago, North Carolina rapper DaBaby called out Apple and Siri for mispronouncing his name. He had prompted the virtual assistant to name him the top song in the country, which, at the time, was “Enemies” by Post Malone and DaBaby. The service got Posty’s name correctly but when it came to DaBaby’s moniker, Siri struggled. The fast-rising recording artist scolded his phone at the time and now that some time has passed, he decided to test out the experiment once more. A different song appears when he asks for the number one record in the country but still, Siri has no clue how to pronounce the artist’s name.

“They gon’ fix that shit,” said DaBaby as he filmed himself communicating with Siri. “What’s the number one song in the world right now?” The electronic voice responded that his new record, “Intro,” was the top-performing track at the moment. However, the rapper who penned the hit supposedly goes by “Dah-bubby” and not DaBaby. 

Clearly, the “Suge” spitter has a bone to pick the next time he hits up the Apple headquarters. Now that this has happened twice in two weeks, you better believe the label will be giving Apple a call to fix this situation expeditiously. Still, this is pretty hilarious. Try it out yourself and see if she’s still getting it wrong.

Stay tuned for DaBaby’s new album Kirk, which comes out this Friday.