Da Ren Releases Fiery Single Entitled “Off White”


Toronto-based urban artist Da Ren released his new single “Off White”, a single part of his debut mixtape entitled Ecstatic Love, released in April 2019. His various inspirations comprise a wide array of influences, from early 2000’s R&B, pop-rock, to Hip-Hop, all naturally blended into his own unique sonic textures and soundscapes. 

“Off White” is a daring track that showcases Da Ren’s penchant for precise melodic constructions, electric guitar riffs, and sexual lyrics. 

Originally from Vancouver but currently living in Toronto, Da Ren is a singer-songwriter who fearlessly and relentlessly creates new musical paths, slowly but surely forming his own sub-genre, a rare occurrence in the music scene. “Off White” is set to spark mass appeal among connoisseurs of the genre as well as music lovers from all over the world.