D. L. Hughley Says Dr. Dre Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of $70 Million USC Donation


There was no way for Dr. Dre to know that a simple joke on Instagram would turn into so much criticism. Just days ago, the iconic rapper shared a photo of himself with his daughter, Truly Young, holding her acceptance letter from the University of Southern California (USC) with the caption, “My daughter got accepted into USC all on her own. No jail time!!!” Although the words were jabs at the recent arrests of fellow Hollywood heavyweights Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, fans put him through it after reminding him that he isn’t that far removed from a scandal himself.

In 2013, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine created the USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation and donated $70 million to the prestigious university. Also, a social media update Truly posted last year surfaced where she wrote that her father was “pushing” her to attend USC. After the backlash, Dre deleted his post.

TMZ caught up with comedian D. L.  Hughley to get his thoughts on the controversy surrounding Dre. “That’s what a parent is…pushing your children to do things that you believe are better for them,” Hughley said. “USC is one of the finest schools in the land and it’s nothing like the college cheating scandal.”

“He didn’t pay anybody to take his daughter’s test,” Hughley continued. “He gave $70 million. If you give $70 million to a school, your kids kids should be able to go there. Anybody named Dr. Pepper should be able to go there,” he joked. “My daughter got into USC. I told her to work hard, to study hard…she got into Smith and USC. Who knew all I had to do was lie and bribe people? He should be proud.”