D.A. Moves To Free Meek Mill, But Judge Genece Brinkley Shuts It Down


Judge Genece Brinkley has become a prominent and controversial figure in the ongoing Meek Mill legal saga. While many have accused the Judge having a personal bias against Meek, she has consistently remained true to her principles, maintaining an unwavering stance. Even after Meek’s original arresting ficer was revealed to be corrupt, which would have arguably rendered his parole violation moot, Brinkley remains steadfast.  TMZ reports that Philadelphia’s D.A fice attempted to intervene this morning, requesting that Meek’s original charge be overturned, as arresting ficer Reignald Graham’s corruption was widely known.

Despite the ostensibly damning evidence, Brinkley remains unmoved. She did, however, organize a hearing about the matter, which is set to transpire at some point this June. Unfortunately, that means Meek will have to remain incarcerated for the time being, although hope remains that this hearing may shine a light on some the confusion. It’s certainly frustrating to Meek’s myriad supporters and family members, who showed up in droves to flood the courthouse after hearing the D.A’s plan. Little did they know, Judge Brinkley is as tough as they come; neither public opinion or pressure will have any impact in her decision.

Hopefully this doesn’t deflate the Free Meek movement to an unsalvageable point. It was gaining so much momentum. Keep your head up, Meek.