Cyn Santana Tired Of Male Attention After Joe Budden Split


This week, people have made a big fuss about Ayesha Curry’s comments on Red Table Talk. The basketball wife sat down with Jada Pinkett Smith and said that women are always throwing themselves at her husband Stephen but when she’s out and about, she gets no male attention. She said that at times, it upsets her because all she wants to know is that she’s still got it. The comments were taken the wrong way by many and she was made out to be some kind of weirdo for craving attention from outside of her relationship. With Joe Budden and Cyn Santana splitting up this week, the opposite problem is currently the case for Cyn, with her tweeting that she’s quickly getting tired of all the men blowing up her phone.

Cyn Santana Tired Of Male Attention After Joe Budden Split
Brian Ach/Getty Images

Fans of the couple and Love & Hip Hop have been crowding Cyn Santana’s mentions, begging her to take Joe Budden back. She doesn’t seem too keen to entertain that idea but she also doesn’t seem interested in going on dates with other men right now. She told her followers that she’s already getting bored of all the text messages she’s gotten from potential romantic suitors. “All these hey big head texts and messages ain’t flattering at allllll,” said Cyn. “I want no partssssssss.”

Somebody should go and tell Ayesha about all the male attention Cyn doesn’t want. They’ve got an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.