CyHi The Prynce Rates Bars: "I Can't Compare These Guys To Me – I'm God Level"


BET’s “Rate The Bars” has been an enjoyable addition to the week. Previous installments found Tech N9ne, Royce Da 5’9″, T.I., Scarface and Redman grading the work their peers. Today, No Dope On Sundays lyricist CyHi The Prynce adds his voice to the mix. He does so with one important caveat in mind. Since he has deemed his own bars “God Level,” he is subsequently judging those beneath him to be on “civilian level.” Unfortunately for some (including a few notable names), “God Status” isn’t quite so easy to obtain.

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CyHi does, however, feel like Vic Mensa’s “OMG” bars are hard. Visibly impressed, The Prynce gives credit where credit is due. Not only does Mensa’s socially conscious wordplay land him the coveted Prynce approval, but Black Thought’s legendary cypher elevates the praise to an even higher level. “That’s somebody on my level,” laughs CyHi, upon reciting 1/10000th Black Thought’s Funkmaster Flex bars. “I don’t know who it is but I know it’s somebody, you know what I mean…barred up to say some dope stuff like that. When I see ‘maybe I’m the new Rakim,’ I’m like okay…This guy’s great.” 

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CyHi is equally impressed by the GOOD Music founder, Kanye West, with whom he has a personal connection. Upon reading Ye’s “Planned Parenthood” bars from “The Joy,” CyHi immediately proclaims “God level.” “We all know that is,” he admits, but remains unwavering in his conviction. “That’s God level. Shout out to that man!”