CupcakKe Taken To Hospital After Suicidal Tweets


Last night time, followers had been extraordinarily fearful for Chicago rapper CupcakKe after she tweeted that she was about to commit suicide. Earlier within the day, she had posted about an abusive relationship and a few followers consider that will have been the rationale for her suicidal message. After the artist tweeted out the troubling assertion, followers rushed to offer her consolation, replying and guaranteeing her that they are there for her by no matter she’s going through. Her private pals tried to contact her, together with comic Elijah Daniel, who mentioned that the textual content messages weren’t going by. He frantically tried to tell Chicago Police of what was occurring and so they confirmed that CupcakKe is protected after she was taken to the hospital. 

The most up-to-date tweet from CupcakKe’s account remains to be the suicidal message and her group has not up to date any of her pages. However, it has been confirmed by Elijah Daniel wellness test was carried out at her home earlier than the rapper was dropped at the hospital.

The artist, actual identify Elizabeth Eden Harris, is well-known for her highly-sexualized lyrics and energetic performances. CupcakKe has her personal lane and no person is admittedly making an attempt to invade it, making her one of the crucial distinctive acts in music at the moment. Hopefully, CupcakKe is effectively.