CupcakKe Proves That She Isn't Playing Games in New Arcade-Themed Video for 'Quiz'


Chicago-based rapper CupcakKe wants you to know who exactly is in charge. In her latest single “Quiz,” the rap queen lays down the law, spitting lyrics like “Never lookin' at the cost/ Money fillin' up the vault/ My word be the law/ Bitches scary like Saw.”

The LGBTQ advocate doubled down on her badass imagery in the new video for “Quiz.” At the start the clip, the rapper enters a lonely arcade and begins playing a Mortal Kombat-esque game in which she fights another woman, using tactics like “weave snatch” and “steal your man” to defeat her opponent, labeled simply as “Fake Bitch.”

“Quiz” is the newest single from CupcakKe -- one that she had been long teasing on Instagram until she finally released the track in April. Through a series posts that eventually, when compiled together, showed the full cover art for the single, CupcakKe finally revealed the song's title and release date last month.

The single comes on the heels her last album Ephorize, a colorful, outspoken album featuring constant messages support for the LGBTQ community throughout. Specifically, her track "Crayons" served as a middle finger to bigots and homophobes, with CupcakKe rapping on the chorus "Boy on boy, girl on girl/ Like who the fuck you like fuck the world."

Watch the video CupcakKe’s hip-hop banger “Quiz” below: