CupcaKKe Announces North American Tour, $10k To Be Raffled At Every Concert


Staging a North America tour isn’t child’s play. Every member of the production team has their pockets lined before the artist ever sees a penny, and unless in your good favor with the label, you and your manager need to plan for months in advance before said team ever hits the road. CupcakKe understands that all too well, both as a passerby and the main constituent.

As Iggy Azalea‘s label situation was crumbling to bits last year, CupcakKe gave herself ample time to jump ship, before their dual-tour suffered a similar fate. On a more personal note, CupcakKe has seen her plans foiled on more than one occasion due to mental health issues. Thankfully, she’s always managed to leap back to her feet, thanks to the support of her adoring fans and the hard work of her inner circle. 

CupcaKKe Announces North American Tour, $10k To Be Raffled At Every Concert

Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images

That being said, CupcakKe recent form has her on the cusp of something great. Just yesterday, the 22-year old rapper took to Twitter in announcing her upcoming 10k Tour, where she insists: $10,000 will be up raffled in every city she visits along the way. 

The 10k Tour

9/7 – Indianapolis, IN @ Buzz/Cut Queer Music Festival
9/8 – Detroit, MI @ The Shelter
9/11 – Hartford, CT @ TBD
9/12 – Chicago, IL @ TBD
9/14 – Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club
9/15 – Princeton, NJ @ TBD
9/16 – Philadelphia, PA @ TBD
9/17 – Baltimore, MD @ TBD
9/18 – Norfolk, VA @ The NorVa
9/19 – Columbia, SC @ The Senate Columbia
9/22 – Orlando, FL @ TBD
9/23 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
9/24 – New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge
9/25 – Portland, OR @ New Paris Theatre
9/26 – Oakland, CA @ Starline Social Club Ballroom
9/27 – Tempe, AZ @ AURA
9/28 – Los Angeles, CA @ Los Globos
9/29 – Seattle, WA @ TBD
10/1 – Miami, FL @ TBD
10/2 – Tampa, FL @ TBD
10/5 – Dallas, TX @ Club Dada
10/6 – Austin, TX @ Come and Take It Live