Cuddy Beezy Announces Next2Rise Tour Stops and Upcoming Album


Cuddy Beezy, also known as Cuddy Suave or Dha Cuddster, is an up-and-coming artist and CEO of Cuddster Entertainment Company. He recently announced the release of his upcoming album, “Buggy Turner Life Of A Artist Experience”, which will include behind the scenes VLog and a documentary.

The album’s title is inspired by the definition of “Buggy Turner” in the urban dictionary, which describes a person with no regrets. Cuddy Beezy’s music reflects this mentality, as he uses his experiences to inspire and motivate his listeners.

In addition to the album, Cuddy Beezy has a busy schedule of live performances lined up. He is set to perform in Detroit on March 4th, Cleveland on March 10th and 18th-19th in Pennsylvania and New York as part of the NEXT2RISETOUR, and Atlanta on April 16th. He has also collaborated with 216 promotions and will be co-hosting a show in Pittsburgh on July 8th, as well as performing in Miami on June 24th.

Cuddy Beezy’s passion for music and his dedication to his craft are evident in his upcoming album and busy tour schedule. He is determined to make a name for himself in the industry and is already on his way to success. Fans of rap music should definitely keep an eye out for Cuddy Beezy and his upcoming projects.

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