Cuba Gooding Jr. Pleads "Not Guilty" In Butt Pinching Case


After Cuba Gooding Jr was accused of inappropriately touching a woman at a bar in New York this summer, it was only a matter of time before more accusations came through where women accused the actor of similar behaviour in the past. “I trust the system, and the process speaks for itself,” Cuba said of the first accusation, denying any wrongdoing. 

Cuba Gooding Jr. Pleads "Not Guilty" In Butt Pinching Case
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

TMZ now reports that the actor is sticking by his word since he’s pleaded not guilty to another charge that arose only recently. Natasha Ashworth claimed Cuba used his right hand to pinch her butt as he was walking past her at TAO in NYC in October of last year. Video surveillance can show an altercation where Natasha claimed to have asked Cuba not to touch her butt to which he replied: “Aw, that’s no fun, and I didn’t, I touched your back.”

Cuba’s attorney Mark Jay Heller went off about the prosecutors, accusing them of “maliciously prosecuting” his client adding how he’s confident that the case will not result in any conviction. “At roughly 4:30 AM at the end of the day, Cuba is exiting the facility and, with the back of his hand — his fingernail — he taps the lady in the back and turns around to give her a high-five just as a salutation of goodbye,” Mark said. “It’s not criminal conduct whatsoever.”

Peep the surveillance below.