CRX Wander Through a Fever Dream in ‘Falling’ Exclusive


CRX have unveiled their latest video for “Falling,” from their forthcoming sophomore album Peek, exclusively Billboard today (July 24).

The clip was inspired by the imagery of Haruki Murakami novels and directed by Kansas Bowling, who perfectly encapsulated the song’s hazy atmosphere with trippy images of sheep, disappearing kittens, and tiny reworkings of city skylines and decks of cards. The whole video is quite mystifying, as we see a woman calmly wander around a surreal space and discover strange new things as retro patterns and deep reds, blues, and pinks wash dominate each scene.

“It’s like I’m falling, I keep falling/ Falling for your lies,” frontman Nick Valensi (who is also The Strokes’ lead guitarist/co-founder) sings on the hook. The track is about "remaining willfully ignorant as a means of emotional protection," as Valensi tells Billboard. "Longing and desire sometimes become the designated drivers of our emotions, and we can delude ourselves when we want something bad enough."

Bowling came up with the initial idea for the visual, which was then shot on 16mm film. "We wanted it to feel like a weird hypnotic dream with vivid colors and surreal elements, and she captured that really well," Valensi says.

“Falling” is the follow up to the band’s lead single, “We’re All Alone.” Both will appear on Peek, set to be released on Aug. 23. "There’s a lot of collaboration in the songwriting and, as a result, this record feels like a whole new band compared to what we’ve done in the past," Valensi says of the record. "We got really focused around making consistent, defining sound for the album that was also exciting and hypnotic."

Finally, the band is gearing up to play Mercury Lounge in NYC on Sept. 6 and L.A.’s The Echo on Sept. 13. 

In the meantime, go on a trip in their new video for “Falling” below.