Courtney Barnett Takes Us Inside Her Mind (Literally) in ‘Everybody Here Hates You’ Watch


When indie rocker Courtney Barnett writes a song, she has a specific way of bringing her listeners into the deep recesses of her mind. With her new music video, the rock star takes that sentiment up a notch by giving viewers a literal tour of her brain.

On Monday (April 15), Barnett released her new music video for “Everybody Here Hates You,” a rollicking song about angst, anxiety and self-deprecation, all wrapped up in her signature stony vocals. “I feel stupid, I feel useless, I feel insane/ I feel toothless, man you're ruthless,” she sings on the track.

While the clip starts out showing Barnett and her band performing on a stage, it quickly dives into the singer’s brain, where she and her band are also, appropriately, performing the song. As the lyrics grow more and more disparaging, the folds of Barnett’s brain begin to close in on her, eventually swallowing everyone inside.

Check out the video for Courtney Barnett’s “Everybody Here Hates You” below: