Could These Pictures Hold The Secret To Kanye’s Upcoming Projects?


The Kardashian-West household has been in serious turmoil lately, between Kim’s robbery and near kidnapping, Kanye West’s mental breakdown and rumors divorce that were since denied. The two have since gotten back together and have presented a very positive image to the public. The latest image the two them doing craft-related things in the kitchen serves to further this narrative, but could it also hold clues to Yeezy Season 5 and TurboGrafx 16?

In the photos, Kanye can be seen writing on a pair blue Adidas Gazelle sneakers in black sharpie, and among the words we can make out are: “YEEZY” on the heel each sneaker, “KIM” on the toe box one sneaker and what looks like “till death do us part.” At the very least, this should boost sales the Adidas Gazelle.

The papers strewn about the desk show different iteration clothing designs, although they are too obscured to show anything besides the fact that they have sleeves. Another sheet paper is just writing, but could it be the purported TurboGrafx 16 tracklist that Pete Rock shared last month?

Even if this is all just our imagination, it’s good to see ‘Ye working again.