Corina Smith's Surprising Breakup Ballad and More Must-Hear Songs From Venezuela


Venezuelan hit-makers Corina Smith, Colibrí, and Juan Miguel with Micro TDH are making waves with their new tracks. Check them out here:

Corina Smith: "Soy Para Mí"

Venezuelan popstar Corina Smith shocked fans this past Friday (July 20) by releasing the emotional new ballad "Soy Para Mí" ("I Am For Me"). Smith has held a very public relationship with fellow superstar Gustavo Elis, and many media outlets are speculating this song is about their breaking up.

She posted a teary-eyed video minutes after releasing the song and because emotional lyrics such as "Fuiste mío por mucho tiempo, me duele que dejaras de serlo, pero me duele aceptar que no hay vuelta atrás," which translates to: "You were mine once, and it hurts me you stopped being, and it hurts to accept there is no turning back."

Since the release the song, neither them have made any comments on their relationship. The duo has previously teamed up on hits like "Escape" and "Novios." Listen to "Soy Para Mí" here:

Juan Miguel and Micro TDH: "Amigos Con Beneficios (Remix)" 

Venezuelan music dynamos Juan Miguel and Micro TDH have teamed up to remix Juan Miguel's hit "Amigos Con Beneficios" ("Friends With Benefits"). This time, with Micro TDH bringing a special new touch to this now-tropical jam. They have also released a new music video for the single. Catch the action here:

Colibrí: "El Daño"
Fresh from winning an honorable mention at the Nuevas Bandas Festival, supergroup Colibrí debuts "El Daño" ("The Damage"), a clear departure from their previous protest rock on Guasina. Colibrí is formed by Carlos Linares (lead vocals, guitar), Uber Silva (vocals, keyboard), Juan David Artal (electric guitar), and Jeffrey Bautista (bass and producer). Take a listen to "El Daño" here: