Cordae Reveals Reason For Dropping ‘YBN’ from Name


At the tail end of last year, Cordae decides to rid the “YBN” from his name. The acronym stood for “Young Boss Ni**as. It was a trio he formed with rappers YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay.

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He was the only one of the trio that hadn’t met through video games. Instead, he met Nahmir and Jay through social media and would often hang out with them while visiting LA.

The Grammy-nominated rapper was recently stopped by Genius to expound on the name change.


“It wasn’t a popular thing at the time. I was gettin’ killed online. And I got tough skin, like, this just what come with the game. I don’t be trippin’ off anything.”

In addition, Cordae mentioned that none of the YBN members owned the name.

“I can’t be talkin’ to kids about ownership and all of this when we pushin’ this brand that we don’t even own,” said Cordae.

Prior to dropping the name, the Lost Boy rapper says he received Nahmir’s blessing.

“That was what was most important to me, I don’t care what anybody else thinks,” he says.