Cordae Calls Out Entertainers For Only Being Pro-Black When It’s ‘Cool’: ‘Oreo-Ass N-ggas’


Cordae is one of those young rappers in the game who isn’t afraid to speak his mind, especially regarding racial issues in the entertainment industry.

On Thursday (November 11), Cordae took to Twitter to vent about the fake activism circulating in the industry. According to Cordae, many of these entertainers are only putting on a show and not caring about issues within the Black community when it truly matters.

“Most of these entertainers only pro black when it’s convenient,” Cordae said in his series of tweets. “Or when it’s ‘cool.’ It’s a lot of Oreo ass niggas in this entertainment shit.”

It’s no secret that Black culture is profitable, and big companies steal it for their benefit without really giving back to the causes, but to hear Cordae say it’s trickling down to the artists and entertainers is alarming. Cordae is not just doing this for fun either as he’s taken action like participating in a Breonna Taylor protest last year that landed him in jail. Fans are hoping Cordae can speak more about these issues on his upcoming album A Bird’s Eye View.

Cordae has been going through a healthy transformation while working on the new album. The HiLevel Records boss took to his Instagram to showcase his recent weight loss journey earlier this month. In Cordae’s mind, the work he’s putting into A Bird’s Eye View has to reflect his well-being.

“While creating this forthcoming album, I was forced to elevate myself in mind, body, and spirit,” Cordae said in the caption of his post. “I’ve become more self-reflective and self-aware than ever. While my vessel has improved, it’s nothing compared to my mind, spirit and soul which has reached even greater heights. Still growing, still getting better day by day. #FromaBirdsEyeView #HiLevel.”