Conor McGregor’s Coach Promises To Roundhouse Kick Drake If He Enters His Gym


Although the Raptors made it to the NBA finals, doesn’t mean that the Drake curse is gone. Over the weekend, Anthony Joshua, who once pledged to “break the curse,” took a massive L in his fight against Andy Ruiz Jr. Many began to point the finger at Drake for the loss which the rapper has yet to respond to. However, it looks like the coach for one of the biggest boxers in the world has imposed a strict Drake ban at his gym

Conor McGregor‘s coach made it clear that Drake will not be invited to his gym at any point in the future. Following Anthony Joshua’s loss, John Kavanagh, McGregor’s coach, took to Twitter to clown Drake and the lack of luck he brings to any athlete he supports. “If drake ever tries visit my gym he’s getting roundhoused,” he wrote along with a gif of Peter Griffin roundhouse kicking Brian.

Boxing promoter Lou Dibella took aim at Drake as well after the match. Along with a picture of Joshua and Drake posted up at the gym, Dibella wrote, “None of my fighters can go near @Drake. Writing it into my bout agreements. #boxing,” he wrote.

Drake hasn’t been able to catch a break this weekend. Last night, the Raptors lost game 2 against the Warriors which prompted GSW’s official TwitterKlay Thompson, and Kevin Durant to clown him.