Conor McGregor Phone Smashing Arrest Caught On Police Body Cam


Conor Mcgregor has been dominating the UFC headlines as of late despite not having a fight since back in October. On March 11th, McGregor was arrested for an incident that occurred at a Miami nightclub, where McGregor took the phone out of the hands of a fan and stomped on it. The man, Ahmed Abdirzak, filed a police report against McGregor who was then arrested the same morning at a private residence in Miami. Now, TMZ has obtained footage of the arrest thanks to body cam footage that was taken by a Miami Police officer.

As you can see from the footage, McGregor went peacefully and was eventually released later that day. Abdirzak had filed a lawsuit against McGregor for the incident, although the lawsuit was eventually dropped as the two settled out of court.

When the incident first occurred, Abdirzak explained how the whole ordeal took him by surprise.

“I’ve got pictures of my son that I didn’t even save on my iCloud that I’m gonna lose,” Abdirzak told TMZ Sports. “That’s really what pissed me off the most. I’ve got pictures of my son that I’m never gonna get again.”

Now, McGregor has to worry about an ongoing investigation over a bar fight he allegedly got into while in Dublin.