Confused Odd Future Fan Still Yelling “Free Earl” at Concerts


Well, this is awkward.

Bryce, local rap enthusiast and skate shop employee, is still yelling “FREE EARL” at concerts, according to various reports.

He was recently seen at a Tyler, The Creator concert not only yelling the catchphrase, but wearing a “FREE EARL” shirt and hat, too. Jesus Christ.

Bryce sports oversized Vans, gigantic hipster glasses and purple skinny jeans tight enough to suffocate a rattlesnake. He looks like Woody Allen if he was a 27-year-old hipster who thought wrestling was real. He claims to be a diehard Odd Future fan, yet he apparently doesn't keep up with the news, otherwise, he’d know that Earl Sweatshirt has been free for over half a decade.

When Odd Future exploded into the mainstream in 2011, Earl Sweatshirt was in a therapeutic boarding school in Samoa, leaving us only with some great music and a hunger for more. Rumors swirled around that Earl (17 at the time) was there because his mother disapproved his vulgar lyrics.

Keep in mind that Odd Future was seen as controversial at the time for rape jokes and homophobic slurs. In 2011, people hated Odd Future for being homophobic. Now in 2018, two the most famous members Odd Future are openly queer. What a time to be alive.

This boarding school drama eventually prompted the “FREE EARL” movement, a rallying battle cry that was passionately chanted by Odd Future fans. But the “FREE EARL” movement came to a screeching halt once Earl was…. ya know…. free. But apparently, Bryce didn’t get the memo.

Bryce continues to shout “FREE EARL” at every opportunity despite Earl’s obvious freedom. Legend has it that he even yelled it at a Tyler concert while Tyler BROUGHT EARL ON STAGE, prompting confusion from everyone in the room. Sad.

Whenever someone tries to correct Bryce and tell him that Earl is already free, his friend Chaz stops them. “Just leave him be,” he peacefully whispers, “this is all he has.”