"Comedy Store" Founder Sammy Shore Dead At 92: Report


We report on unfortunate news today. TMZ reports indicated the passing of the Comedy Store co-founder and famed comedian Sammy Shore. The longtime club is a Hollywood gem which was opened up by co-founders Sammy Shore and Rudy De Luca back in the 1970s. The venue consisted of a 99-seat theatre, which was renovated and expanded following Shore’s divorce to his wife. The club gained much prominence during the 1970s and hosted the weddings of The Wizard of Oz stars. It was also commonly frequented by iconic stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Sammy Davis Jr. Cher and more. It also became the go-to comedy hub many comics utilized to get their break-through.

According to the aforementioned news outlet, the vet comedian and previous owner of the club, Sammy Shore, died at his Las Vegas home. The entertainer was surrounded by friends and family, based on confirmations from the Comedy Store’s official Facebook account. The death is believed to be related to natural causes and as such, Shore died peacefully. 

Before his death, the comedian continued to perform stand-up and make people laugh till he was 90 years old. Moreover, many famous names have performed under the Comedy Store’s roof including Dave Chappelle, Jim Carrey, Eddy Murphy, Robin Williams, Martin Lawrence and more. RIP Sammy Shore.