Colin Kaepernick Doll Caught Hanging By Neck And Dragged Behind Truck


Colin Kaepernick was at the center of a huge controversy within the NFL when he decided to protest against police brutality against African Americans by kneeling during the National anthem. While his gesture was purely for a good cause, football fans were upset at Kaepernick as they felt as though he was disrespecting the flag and in turn, disrespecting the entire country. Despite explaining himself and his mission numerous times, the many people throughout the country still have a negative view of Kaepernick. 

The season after his infamous protest, Kaepernick was unable to find work in the NFL and even launched a lawsuit against the league alleging a unified plan of action to keep him from getting another job. 

Even with Kaepernick well out of the league, some fans still hold a grudge towards Kaepernick. This grudge has manifested itself in some pretty horrifying ways as demonstrated by Twitter user @wootjoanna. The user posted a photo to Twitter this week which showed a Kaepernick doll being hung by its neck and dragged by the back of a pickup truck in San Jose, California.

The image of Kaepernick’s doll being dragged is eerily similar to the crime committed by racist John William King who dragged a black man behind his car back in 1998. King was recently executed for his role in that murder.