Coi Leray Opens Up About Harsh Reality Of Music Industry: ‘This Life Is Draining’


Coi Leray is fed up for a number of reasons and decided to get some things off her chest on Wednesday (November 17). The “No More Parties” rapper took to her Instagram Stories with a message about being tired of the way she’s treated in the music industry.

“I’m tired of thinking for everybody!” she began. “I’m tired of people taking the credit for my ideas. Tired of being manipulated. Tired of fighting for my life. Tired of peoples opinions, I’m tired of people holding shit against me, I’m tired of people looking for sympathy when they just don’t get the job done so they find reasons to make you feel bad.”

She continued, “Shit is sad fr this industry is sad fr. I’m tired. I’m just tired. This life is draining. I’m so hungry and motivated any label would love to have an artist like me. Sad man. Sad. It’s really a mental sacrifice.”

Coi Leray is no stranger to speaking her mind. In August, she responded to critics of her freestyles and live performances by inspiring others to use backlash to fuel them.

“They told me to take my dusty braids out,” Leray said at the time. “Now we all wearing these braids negative vs the positive. They made fun of my freestyle, now it’s stuck in everyone heads singing with a smile like, ‘We all get money, yeah yeah.’

“They laughed at my performance just for me to have the best show of my life at the next one. Moral of the story kids. Never stop. Keep being fucking great. You can be anything you wanna be. Just stay focus and keep ya eye on the prize.”

Coi Leray released her latest single “TWINNEM” in September, which has over 11 million Spotify streams and 14 million YouTube video views. A remix of the song featuring DaBaby also arrived in November.