Coheed and Cambria Announce Upcoming Album 'The Unheavenly Creatures'


Rockers Coheed and Cambria followed up their latest single "The Dark Sentencer" with an announcement Friday (June 22) an upcoming LP, The Unheavenly Creatures.

While the standard album is set to release Oct. 5, fans can pre-order the self-produced, 15-track project in an immersive box set, including two novels, a mask and extensive artwork. The set gives die-hard fans exclusive access to a bonus album, The Crown Heights Demos, and a "black card" allowing early access and entry to the summer tour. 

The Unheavenly Creatures will continue the narrative set up in the Amory Wars. Here's the track list:

1. Prologue
2. The Dark Sentencer
3. Unheavenly Creatures
4. Toys
5. Black Sunday
6. Queen Of The dark
7. True Ugly
8. Love Protocol
9. The Pavilion (A Long Way Back)
10. Night-Time Walkers
11. The Gutter
12. All On Fire
13. It Walks Among US
14. Old Flames
15. Lucky Stars

The band's U.S. co-headlining tour with Taking Back Sunday begins July 6, and tickets are available now.