Cody Lovaas Only Has Eyes For His New Girl in ‘Just So You Know’ Premiere


Cody Lovaas is the ultimate romantic. Not only did he write a song for a girl, he dedicated an entire video to her too.

The singer-songwriter premieres the video for "Just So You Know" on Billboard today (Sept. 26). Lovaas fully admits that the song is "very much a gesture to the 'new girl'," and that's exactly what happens in the visual. He cuts to the chase as soon as the video starts, telling his lady he wrote a song about her and wants to play it for her. Who could say no to that?

The lyrics of the song are technically a note to Lovaas' ex that he found someone new (and apparently, better), but the video makes it very clear that this girl is no rebound. As the vid continues, Lovaas and his love interest share plenty of cute moments, from strolling around in a grocery store to dancing around an open field.

Though the girl in the video isn't actually the girl who inspired "Just So You Know," the clip is still personal to Lovaas. “We shot the video in my hometown, San Diego — the apartment that the first scene shows is where I spent most of my summer days growing up," Lovaas says. "I had so much fun filming this video because I got to work with a bunch of my closest friends on it."

"Just So You Know" is the latest single from Lovaas, and the first release since his Honestly EP that arrived earlier this year. The Cali native will be performing his tunes at a couple of hometown shows in Los Angeles: School Night on Sept. 30, and The High Hat on Oct. 16.

Grab tickets to see Lovaas in LA here, and check out the adorable "Just So You Know" video below.