"Cocaine Babe" Recruited To Smuggle Drugs Says She Did It For Instagram Likes


Twenty-four-year-old Melina Roberge, the Canadian woman who pleaded guilty at attempting to smuggle $30 million worth cocaine into Australia, has shared more details on her drug trafficking. 

Melina attended her sentencing hearing in Sydney today where she told the court that she went through with the smuggling because she was following her “sugar daddy’s” orders in an attempt to get “likes and attention” on Instagram. He apparently recruited her, flew her first class and gave her numerous gifts before sending her on a cruise where the drugs were stored in her cabin. The lavish lifestyle that was given to her and then documented all over Instagram came with a hefty price. 

Melina was sharing a cabin with former porn star Isabelle Lagace who was also a part the smuggling, making them look like “two females together who were looking to be on vacation.”

In August 2016 Melina and Isabelle were busted with 209 pounds cocaine.

Melina won’t reveal the name her sugar daddy in fear the safety her family. Isabella has agreed to a “lenient” seven-year sentence while Melina faces life in prison.