Clermont Twin Begging For Mercy Ahead Of Wire Fraud Sentencing


Shannade Clermont pleaded guilty in November 2018 to charges of felony wire fraud, after spending $20,000 with a dead man’s debit cards. Shannade was with the man who paid her in exchange of sexual favours and when he overdosed she took his credit card and used it. Shannade is facing up to 20 years in prison for the shady move but Bossip now reports that she’s begging for mercy and a shorter sentence. 

Clermont Twin Begging For Mercy Ahead Of Wire Fraud Sentencing
Theo Wargo/Getty Images 

Shannade’s lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, is citing the law-abiding life she led up until the credit card theft and detailed how she did it due to depression and financial hardship. The publication details how Jeffrey is trying to get his client half the jail sentence with the rest on house arrest or probation. He’s citing a foundation Shannade started that’s meant to aid individuals with mental illness and how she supports her family and friends.

“Defendant Shannade Clermont comes before this court asking for mercy,” the court papers read. “A life filled with good deeds and hard work had been marred by her criminal actions. Nevertheless, as the powerful enclosed letters reveal, Ms. Clermont is an uncommonly decent and giving young woman, and unlike many defendants, has made very sincerer efforts to help family, friends and even strangers throughout her life.”

Her sentencing is set for next week.