Clemson Throws Subtle Shade At Alabama With New Championship Rings


This year’s CFB National Championship game was a bit of a shocker as the Clemson Tigers stunned the Alabama Crimson Tide 44-16 to capture their second title in three seasons. The win cemented Clemson’s place amongst the best teams in college football history. Throughout the year though, everyone in the media was claiming that the Crimson Tide were the surefire favorites to win it all. With all they’ve accomplished in the past, it only makes sense that people would feel as though they have the best chance to come away with a win.

In the end, though, the Tigers won and they finally received their championship rings. According to TMZ, sources close to the team say the ring was actually meant to throw shade at Alabama. On the side of the ring, it is written “Best Ever” which is a shot at the fact that Alabama was being claimed champions before the season even ended. While this insult might be a stretch, the shots were thrown on a ring so there isn’t exactly a lot of space to throw shade.

The ring, which is made by Jostens, features two CFB Championship trophies to signify their two wins in the big game. Inside of the tiger paw, there are 14 stones to represent 14-straight Bowl game appearances, while the other 18 stones signify 18 ACC Championships.

In the video above, courtesy of TMZ, you can see the players flexing their rings for the first time.

What do you think of the hardware?